Online Registration for Studying in Russia

Online Registration for Studying in Russia

Recently, Russia gave a notification about foreign nationals who want to gain knowledge, in that country, there is an education-in-Russia website. Websites that provide information on the departure and admission of foreign students provide various faculties to be developed.

For a development, of course, there are terms and conditions that apply. In the previous month, Rossotrudnichestvo as a developer of application development for foreign students created the website for studying in Russia. A new idea that is likened to a figure, is designed and promises a lot of transparency in the field of education and the provision of visas that can be used.

Having approximately 741 choices from various universities throughout the country, many offer up to three types of education namely full campus studies, part-time studies, and also studies that can be done online. This can make it easier to register for the educational program you want to take. It certainly has a goal to make it easier for a student to take a bachelor’s degree.

Ease of Admission to Study at Russian Universities

Before you fill out the registration form, make sure to first create an account on the website. For that, you have the opportunity to answer six universities as a path of education along with the learning program to be taken. To fill out the registration form, of course, you have to upload several documents on the form. This is the registration data that must be entered:

Slevin data in the form of a passport and also an applicant’s identity information document

  1. Copy of education certificate
  2. The form in the form of biodata must be completed
  3. Self-portrait on a white background

If all the data has been filled in, you must submit it in the order of entering an Indonesian university. Of course, the documents you send must be in Russian first which has been legalized by a consultant or notation. Before entering college, it’s a good idea to first read the terms and conditions.

Moscow State University Preferred Place of Education

Maybe in addition to administrative costs, there are several other tuition fees that you have to pay. Information about the news you can directly check on the website page of the University you want to enter. Foreigners who wish to study on a scholarship must apply to a Russian University. However, to register using the quota determined by the government.

To get into Moscow State University through a scholarship, of course, there are several tests before being able to enter. Only students who meet the requirements can enter as MGU students. In addition, you should contact the representative of Rossotrudnichestvo for Indonesia which you must pass in Russian science.

The selection of students must pass through two stages before being able to enter Russian universities. This stage consists of an initial qualification test in the prospective student’s home country and an entrance examination at the University. When everything is done, you will get information that will enter your personal account on the website. After that, you will enter the interview stage where the qualification test is the first time.

To get good grades, of course, you have to study and have confidence. If so, the value will be carried out according to the applicable procedure. If your score is sufficient, then you will get a second notification on your account. At this stage it can be done online, if the campus asks for your presence on campus then you have to buy a visa and also a travel ticket. The exam will be directly determined by the campus.

Sample Test When You Want to Enter University

Before you can enter the faculty you want in Russia, of course, many tests must be passed. Of course, all of these tests are one way in which you will be taught to speak or read Russian. Of course, before you go there, you are required to be able to speak or read in that language, besides that there are several tests that you must take, namely:

  • Vocabulary in speaking will be tested
  • Knowledge of Russian grammar
  • Read, Listen and write in Russian

Talking about everyday life using good and correct language cost of the TOEFL test is around 5500 rubles or approximately Rp. 1,000,000 (one million rupiah). Of course, after the payment has been paid, you can take the exam anywhere. All TOEFL test places already have an official license, you must be able to get a score of 66% from the test. If yes, then a certificate will be given to the student.

To continue education in Russia is certainly very easy and fun. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get an education there. Maybe this is all the information we can provide, hopefully, it can increase your knowledge before participating in education!

McDonald's Wins Russian Hearts With Uni Soviet Flag

McDonald’s Wins Russian Hearts With Uni Soviet Flag

In order to win the hearts of Soviet citizens, the addition of the flag of the country known as the country of bamboo curtains on the McDonalds logo. Not long ago, a member of a Russian online forum shared, “My father worked at the McDonalds which was first established in the Soviet Union, this pin was given to my father,” said the young man.

Facts reveal that in the early years Mcdonald’s opened in the Soviet Union, the hammer and sickle symbol on the Soviet flag, which was very modest, did not appear on employee pins only. Restaurant logos added with their national flag logos were also added. Unforgettable memories for the Soviet citizens who entered and colored the history of McDonald’s.

soviet McDonald's logo

McDonald’s With Logo And Red Flag Appears

In order to attract the hearts of customers, the construction of McDonalds in the city of Pushkinskaya ploschad was first operational in 1998. For the first time on January 31, 1990, the fast food restaurant welcomed customers. When viewed from the inside of the restaurant, customers lining up outside are curious about the large company logo complete with the Soviet Heritage flag emblem.

The opening of McDonald’s that went down in history was fantastic. Although the price is quite expensive for a fast food, many people are curious about it. Not talking about the taste, but the logo combined with the flag becomes one of the icons that is quite surprising.

For comparison, the price to be paid to queue for hamburgers and coca cola people have to queue for hours for only one purpose, namely the capitalist pin given as a bonus. The emergence of online advertisements selling various kinds of pins including four pins in the wooden city which is a set of souvenirs for foreign guests. The souvenirs given are very simple, so many collectors are hunting for this one item.

The Soviet Union, which at that time was the 52nd country as an area conquered by McDonald’s. The restaurant that stands on Pushkinskaya ploshchad is one of the largest chains of all places. The building room can accommodate approximately 700 people, while the terrace can accommodate 200 people. Amazingly on the first day, this restaurant can attract customers up to approximately 30,000 heads. Great history inscribed by one of these fast-food restaurants.

Strict Labor Selection

McDonald’s, which dares to pay for its workforce of two rubles per hour, must have made a huge profit. Each employee he works for can collect approximately 300 rubles per month including the bonus given. From the amount paid is very proportional to what they get.

The average worker who is recruited is certainly a worker with the best professional level. Not only that, as exemplary employees with the first batch, they were given basic training to be sent to Canada. After that, large-scale broadcasting will be carried out to support the new success.

The choice of Canada as a place for employee training is because of the share ownership of an entrepreneur from that place. Actually, the restaurant was first opened in the Soviet Union is a company that got a joint venture between the Soviet-Canadian. The magazine, Young Technician given in May 1990 reported that the restaurant has Canada. However, because the logo was stamped with the Soviet flag, a lot of fighting broke out over this issue.

macdonalds at rusian

McDonalds Marketing Techniques Play Very Clever

It is questionable, not until a year after the opening of the first restaurant with a Soviet national theme, it was removed for no apparent reason. In 1993, to be exact, the second restaurant that was built at Gazetny Perulok, the logo used using the International logo did not use any flag.

Adults at a noisy scene willing to stand in line in the cold just to get their hands on a Big Mac are simply inconceivable. The marketing technique used in selling the McDonald’s name went viral. The name of this restaurant is booming that makes the whole city of Moscow go crazy.

This is a method used to make the restaurant’s name rise. With the flag of nationalism makes people want to collect these pins. The pin distribution prize is a form of campaign carried out for the sake of making a lot of profit. Of course, the way to do it is very appropriate to get the coffers of rupiah.

The problems that circulated made the restaurant have to replace the logo that had been made, and stop distributing free pins. It can be said for the price of a big mac that is expensive, but it can make many customers look for it. Therefore, a very appropriate marketing technique is used to make the whole world viral. This is the information we can provide, hopefully it can be useful for the benefit of many people. Happy reading

Studying Oil and Gas inRussia

Studying Oil and Gas in Russia

As a country rich in oil and gas resources, Russia certainly has the right methods of production and management. Not the same as other countries such as the United States, Australia, and other European countries. Learning how to manage oil and gas in Russia is like getting lucky.

This was conveyed by two Indonesian students who got jobs in this country. Russia does have quite the largest geological resources such as the world’s oil and gas. Has proven reserves as the country with the top position for the sixth world oil and gas ranking.

As the first Indonesian student who managed to get three diplomas as the best graduate of the Russian university Gubkin, Moscow. According to estimates, the reserves that can be generated from the geological resources of the Arctic Deer could be twice as much as the reserves of the neighboring Persian Gulf countries.

Russia has its own way of optimally managing gas and oil resources. Indonesia as a country that has oil and gas resources still uses optimization methods such as America and Australia. An Andi Mardianza is one of the Gubkin graduates who is currently working as a Geoscientist research expert at PT Pertamina EP.

Pursuing in Russia a Step to Success

Studying in Russia can see the point of view correctly. In oil and gas science, Russia is indeed one of the great countries in oil management. Andi reiterated Indonesia has been active in an oration in the world of oil and gas since 50 years ago, to add a new revolution of course there must be other ways that can be used.

Perhaps there are still many countries that are not familiar with the Russian way in the oil and gas sector. According to him, we will not get more results if we continue to use the same method. Therefore, Russia shares the correct technique of providing Russian graduates with a proper platform to spread the truth.

Russian Oil and gas Industry

The strong desire to major in Russia is indeed the right choice. You will be guided to become a person who has achievements, but to become a person to get a major ability you must be willing to learn and try to be better. Not without effort, you can become a person with great instincts. Willingness and effort is the best way in the development of science.

As a student, of course your obligation to learn a lot of knowledge that can be useful for you. Ability and skills must still be developed so that later you can get a decent job with what you want. In addition to education on oil and gas science, Russia also has various types to maximize knowledge for your future.

Positive Negative Results Study in Russia

Every decision taken must have positive or negative respect. It’s the same when you try your luck studying in Russia, there are a lot of opportunities to go down and down to study in a country that produces natural resources that are so perfect.

It can be seen from a scientific point of view that Russia itself has a lot of independence, does not learn from neighboring countries, tries to learn new experiences without fear of failure. So it can be concluded that the superpower is actually a country that wants to develop with new discoveries.

In handling a case, of course, Russia is very nimble, looking for a way out of a problem that comes. This positive thing can be taken when students try to undergo education in Russia, it certainly teaches how to think critically and calmly in the face of a problem. Therefore, this country can become one of the most influential countries in science.

Of course, every problem has a negative factor too, of course when you go to a new place, you have to try to make new adaptations to the environment. In addition, long distances with family can make someone miss the warmth of the family’s embrace, usually, you can gather now and will be far from their crowds.

Big Advantages of Russian Events Internationally

Many advantages can be obtained when studying in Russia. This country, which is rich in natural resources, often holds events about Oil and Gas internationally. The event organized by the Future Leader Forum of Petroleum Council 2019 aims to provide input and a question and answer session on world oil and gas issues.

Apart from the event, there were many international conferences which were distributed to various campuses around Russia. Its main goal is to attract investors, both in the financial and technology fields. In addition, the main goal is to attract foreign technology experts to enter Russian universities.

If you have thoughts of studying in Russia, there must be thoughts that block the country’s negative ideals. Surely the thought of communism is in your heart. The news is just a mere fiction that has never been proven until now. Your security will definitely be maintained when entering this area.

Surely when you try to go to college, set one goal, namely to make your family and country proud. Not doing weird things will help you get better in life. So what are you waiting for, let’s just register ourselves to the existing academy?

Important Facts About Russian Education

Important Facts About Russian Education

Russia is a country that is fully regulated by a state institution that has educational authority. The Russian Federal Ministry of Education has several levels of education with several other countries, starting from pre-school to high level. However, at this time Russia is one of the educational destinations for students studying internationally.

So what makes education in Russia so interesting? Similarly, education in many parts of the world is almost the same. Of course, there are several levels that must be known when you want to study there. Just like in Indonesia, Yogyakarta is a destination city for students to study at a scientific education center. So what are some important facts in Russia? Surely this makes you curious, right? Let’s just talk about the facts.

rusian education

Russia Country of International Education

It is very interesting for many parents who want their children to study in Russia. The country with the best education system makes this country one of the most sought after countries in terms of education. but do you know what makes Russia the best educated country? If not, let’s get straight to it:

  • Student Classification
    Tomsk is a city located in Russia. Known as an educational center in conducting scientific research in the country. The city also has approximately 6 well-known public universities, one of which is the oldest university in Siberia, known as Tomsk State Univ. Tomsk also has a library that provides a step-by-step collection of various Russian literature, the Pushkin Library.
    As an international education country, Tomsk also provides the best quality dormitory rooms at affordable prices and has good transportation. Junior High School Education Program is Longer Than Elementary School
  • The Russian Education City is Tomsk
    Tomsk is a city located in Russia. Known as an educational center in conducting scientific research in the country. The city also has approximately 6 well-known public universities, one of which is the oldest university in Siberia, known as Tomsk State Univ. Tomsk also has a library that provides a step-by-step collection of various Russian literature, the Pushkin Library. As an international education country, Tomsk also provides the best quality dormitory rooms at affordable prices and has good transportation.
  • Junior High School Education Program is Longer Than Elementary School
    Russia has another unique fact, much different from Indonesia, elementary education only takes 4 years with education taking 4-5 hours per day. Meanwhile, the junior high school period is taken within 5 years with a learning time of approximately 8 hours per day. For high school it will take approximately 2 or 3 years.
  • Cost of Living to Study in Russia
    If you compare other European countries, studying in Russia is very cheap. One of the reasons why Russia has become one of the destinations for international education is because the cost is very cheap. The Russian government also gives some universities discounts on tuition fees for international students who have merit.

Russian Student Creativity Competition

On May 16, a bicycle competition was held for school children. Safe Wheels is a bicycle decorating competition created by a team from an educational institution, held in the city of the Palace of Children and Youth Creativity. Practical skills will provide procedures for first aid assistance in the event of an accident.

The judges on stage were inspectors of traffic police, teachers of the Palace and city CMC for the prevention of injuries caused by road traffic children, high school students of school No. 61 – winner of the regional festival “Safe Wheel”. For each violation, the participants are awarded penalty points.

Here a student is required to develop abilities, training and the desire to win. Students who took part in this competition competed very seriously, rejoiced in their success and gave each other encouragement. Everyone is fighting for the success of the young cyclist.

The big preparations done by adults must be very important, driving along the area that will be marked on the city automatically. Of course for every violation there will be a point penalty, of course many people can ride bicycles but are there many who can ride on a narrow board and not fall?
Of course not many can get through it, but with persistence and hard work, you can definitely get through all these challenges.

This is the information we can provide, hopefully the article we provide can be used as best as possible for your benefit. Hopefully the readers can increase their knowledge with what we provide.

All Russian Free Education System For People

All Russian Free Education System For People

Education is a process that must be obtained by every human being. As a country with critical thinking about the impact of education, it certainly provides free education services. Regional deployment authority to set the road in educational jurisdictions where it adheres to the federal legal guidelines of the country.

It is known, the budget that must be paid by Russia is growing, which was initially 2.7%, increasing in 2005 to 3.8%. Previously in 1990 the training courses conducted in Soviet Union schools lasted for about 10 years. And in the end, in the late 1990s Russia managed to take over education for free schools.

This sizable amount is issued to all Russian citizens. An intelligence agency created by the United States had recorded that 54% of the class was filled with female students and the rest were male students.

The school, which was opened for the benefit of the Russian community, was filled with the majority of adults. Based on the news circulating, the class is filled by a group of young people aged 25 to 60 years. Of course, many countries that compa2re Russia with other OECD countries have smaller sizes and shorter hours.

The Best Education System Occupied By Russia

In 2014, PEI gave the best value to Russia as the 8th and 13th country with the best system in the world. Maximum achievement is due to the very high Russian education. As well as having many of these skills can be useful for many companies that are established globally.

Parson Economist Intelligence is a division formed with the aim of research and analysis of a company The Economist Group, Started in 1946 and already has more than 70 years of experience in assisting businesses and the country’s financial system, as well as carrying out complete navigation globally changing every day.

all rusia school

With the increase in the OECD in 2015, skills in mathematics, as well as Russian science, are the 34th best in the world. This makes Russia proud of all the Russian people.

The former chief economist of the World Bank, Joseph Stiglitz said Russia has inherited the Soviet era. The highest level of education in technical fields is important in new economic progress. In general, education is divided into two groups. The first is the Training group for the profession, the second is higher education. Within the two groups, they will be further divided into their respective majors to be taken.

Soviet Legacy For Russia of Primary Service

As one of the Soviet Russian protégés who began to inculcate education in the Primary service. The nursery period is carried out from the age of 1 to 3 years, the childhood period is from the age of 3 to 7. A mother without a job will get a job in terms of child care during the day.

Noted, in 1980 more than 88,000 preschool institutions raised their education system from ten to eleven. However, in preparation for entering the school period began to crumble with the education figure being 46,000. As this happens, many school buildings are sold to brokers for the purpose of building real estate projects.

The economic recovery over the crisis in 1998 which was exacerbated by the emergence of a historical demographic peak made the increase in the number of complaints the first time faster in 2005. One of the major cities experienced a crisis of job vacancies in 2002. Therefore, crocodile bribery occurred in Zelenograd and claimed have a queue that is not too long.

New Era Comes 9-Year Education System in Russia

Restriction occurs is a Russian federal subject that provides for higher mandatory standards of legislation. Moscow imposed eleven years of compulsory education in 2005. Similar rules apply in Altai Krai sakha and also Tyumen Oblast.
The requirements to join the learning system are students aged 15 to 18 years who can drop out of school with the consent of their parents.

For the eleven years of schooling, it is re-classified into several classes. The elementary class starts from the first to the fourth year. The middle class is in the fifth to ninth year while the senor class starts from the tenth to the eleventh year. The majority of the class’s followers were children in the full program.

With the program, 59,260 schools in Russia provide an eleven-year school program. Provides basic education with a very large amount compared to other classes. To help secure schools, the authorities conduct schools with a rotating system using morning and night shifts.

Acceptance of students, in the first year starting from the age of 6 to 7 years. With these developments Russia made regulations that must pass this system first before continuing education at the University. For students who want to continue to technical school, they can make changes in the 8th year.

Get Improved Services In Postal Providers By means of Sameday Couriers

Postal companies are usually not a lot in use in in the present day’s date as a result of society has progressed and issues have largely modernized. As a substitute of the normal postal companies, the courier companies are a lot more officious in in the present day’s date as a result of they’re dependable and sooner, and consequently, may also provide higher flexibility. Due to this fact, there are giant numbers of individuals in the present day who largely depend on these courier companies.

Info can simply be despatched from one a part of the world to a different with the assistance of the web companies in the present day. Regardless of that, there are nonetheless sure gadgets that can’t be despatched by way of web, and in such circumstances the courier companies are of nice assist lightblue usps.

What Are The Sameday Couriers?

In contrast to the conventional postal companies, the Sameday Couriers are definitely totally different. Objects and gadgets are posted by way of this service, and the distinction lies in the truth that they are often reached to the vacation spot inside a brief time frame like sooner or later or two days. The best profit of those courier methods is that not like the normal postal companies, these don’t take a lot time. Consequently, they’re much extra versatile and dependable in all sense of the time period.

Switch Of Vital Paperwork:

There are sometimes conditions when you must switch vital paperwork. The normal postal companies are usually not typically dependable. On the identical time, they’re time consuming, as properly. In such a scenario once you take the assistance of the Similar Day Courier Providers you’ll be able to definitely profit to a big extent. Not solely are you able to be assured that the vital data would attain inside a brief interval, however on the identical time, you may also be assured that they’d attain safely. As soon as it reaches the vacation spot, you’ll additionally get the proof of supply which will surely give you the results you want lots so far as reliability and questions of safety are involved.

Providers At Inexpensive Charges:

There are many corporations in the present day that supply companies in Similar Day Courier. Most of those companies are very inexpensive as a result of which it turns into simple for all teams of individuals to make the most of these companies. The ample quantity of decisions for the customers within the choice of the companies has definitely led to a rise in competitors on this area. Consequently, these totally different corporations discover each cause to supply companies at inexpensive charges to the customers.

Working “The Walmart Approach” Within the Shops

I think about it’s the dimension of the company. So many alternative folks in so many alternative locations and one retailer is totally different from the opposite. It’s tough if not nearly not possible to know what to anticipate while you go into a brand new retailer while you work for Walmart.

Though the entire shops I’ve labored in have appeared the identical, there are various issues in every which might be totally different.

I’ve labored for retailer managers that appear actual.

I’ve labored for retailer managers which might be biased and distant Asda Walmartone

I’ve labored for liars and for very trustworthy and moral retailer managers.

On the planet of retail there are few retailer supervisor positions that give incentive bonuses as large as Walmart.

Certainly as soon as a supervisor will get to that wage vary they turn into very secretive and they’re nearly devious in some issues, in fact at all times with a motive to be that means. Fluff is fluff and it makes no distinction the place you utilize it.

Confidentiality appears to be a big a part of what occurs behind closed doorways if the administration is at fault.

After all there are a variety of issues that in my nearly seven years with the corporate I ignored as a result of I knew that a number of the easiest issues can be used in opposition to me.

The corporate is sexist in that the shops are managed by males for probably the most half and even when there’s a feminine retailer supervisor she is often instantly under a male within the Walmart order of issues.

I’ve ignored many sexist remarks and have ignored many issues some ladies would think about sexual harassment.

Within the retailer that I’ve simply left or was terminated from there’s a mouse pad within the assistant’s workplace that might be checked out as sexual. I stated nothing about it as a result of I knew that it could solely be another excuse for them to discover a option to eliminate me.

It has an image of a scantly clothed girl on prime of a automotive on it. The shop’s administration is split in that out of fourteen managers solely three had been feminine.

I even have in my possession a joke that was handed across the workplace in the course of the Christmas holidays that’s fairly soiled.

I’ve seen different feminine assistant managers make sexual advances to different members of administration and it didn’t appear to harm their promotable alternatives. As a matter of reality it appears appearing horny can assist your profession. Sorry, I’m older than they’d be serious about.

I’ve been current when a feminine assistant held one other supervisor’s head upon her breast petting the highest of his head and indicating that she would care for him.