Online Registration for Studying in Russia

Online Registration for Studying in Russia

Recently, Russia gave a notification about foreign nationals who want to gain knowledge, in that country, there is an education-in-Russia website. Websites that provide information on the departure and admission of foreign students provide various faculties to be developed.

For a development, of course, there are terms and conditions that apply. In the previous month, Rossotrudnichestvo as a developer of application development for foreign students created the website for studying in Russia. A new idea that is likened to a figure, is designed and promises a lot of transparency in the field of education and the provision of visas that can be used.

Having approximately 741 choices from various universities throughout the country, many offer up to three types of education namely full campus studies, part-time studies, and also studies that can be done online. This can make it easier to register for the educational program you want to take. It certainly has a goal to make it easier for a student to take a bachelor’s degree.

Ease of Admission to Study at Russian Universities

Before you fill out the registration form, make sure to first create an account on the website. For that, you have the opportunity to answer six universities as a path of education along with the learning program to be taken. To fill out the registration form, of course, you have to upload several documents on the form. This is the registration data that must be entered:

Slevin data in the form of a passport and also an applicant’s identity information document

  1. Copy of education certificate
  2. The form in the form of biodata must be completed
  3. Self-portrait on a white background

If all the data has been filled in, you must submit it in the order of entering an Indonesian university. Of course, the documents you send must be in Russian first which has been legalized by a consultant or notation. Before entering college, it’s a good idea to first read the terms and conditions.

Moscow State University Preferred Place of Education

Maybe in addition to administrative costs, there are several other tuition fees that you have to pay. Information about the news you can directly check on the website page of the University you want to enter. Foreigners who wish to study on a scholarship must apply to a Russian University. However, to register using the quota determined by the government.

To get into Moscow State University through a scholarship, of course, there are several tests before being able to enter. Only students who meet the requirements can enter as MGU students. In addition, you should contact the representative of Rossotrudnichestvo for Indonesia which you must pass in Russian science.

The selection of students must pass through two stages before being able to enter Russian universities. This stage consists of an initial qualification test in the prospective student’s home country and an entrance examination at the University. When everything is done, you will get information that will enter your personal account on the website. After that, you will enter the interview stage where the qualification test is the first time.

To get good grades, of course, you have to study and have confidence. If so, the value will be carried out according to the applicable procedure. If your score is sufficient, then you will get a second notification on your account. At this stage it can be done online, if the campus asks for your presence on campus then you have to buy a visa and also a travel ticket. The exam will be directly determined by the campus.

Sample Test When You Want to Enter University

Before you can enter the faculty you want in Russia, of course, many tests must be passed. Of course, all of these tests are one way in which you will be taught to speak or read Russian. Of course, before you go there, you are required to be able to speak or read in that language, besides that there are several tests that you must take, namely:

  • Vocabulary in speaking will be tested
  • Knowledge of Russian grammar
  • Read, Listen and write in Russian

Talking about everyday life using good and correct language cost of the TOEFL test is around 5500 rubles or approximately Rp. 1,000,000 (one million rupiah). Of course, after the payment has been paid, you can take the exam anywhere. All TOEFL test places already have an official license, you must be able to get a score of 66% from the test. If yes, then a certificate will be given to the student.

To continue education in Russia is certainly very easy and fun. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get an education there. Maybe this is all the information we can provide, hopefully, it can increase your knowledge before participating in education!