Studying Oil and Gas inRussia

Studying Oil and Gas in Russia

As a country rich in oil and gas resources, Russia certainly has the right methods of production and management. Not the same as other countries such as the United States, Australia, and other European countries. Learning how to manage oil and gas in Russia is like getting lucky.

This was conveyed by two Indonesian students who got jobs in this country. Russia does have quite the largest geological resources such as the world’s oil and gas. Has proven reserves as the country with the top position for the sixth world oil and gas ranking.

As the first Indonesian student who managed to get three diplomas as the best graduate of the Russian university Gubkin, Moscow. According to estimates, the reserves that can be generated from the geological resources of the Arctic Deer could be twice as much as the reserves of the neighboring Persian Gulf countries.

Russia has its own way of optimally managing gas and oil resources. Indonesia as a country that has oil and gas resources still uses optimization methods such as America and Australia. An Andi Mardianza is one of the Gubkin graduates who is currently working as a Geoscientist research expert at PT Pertamina EP.

Pursuing in Russia a Step to Success

Studying in Russia can see the point of view correctly. In oil and gas science, Russia is indeed one of the great countries in oil management. Andi reiterated Indonesia has been active in an oration in the world of oil and gas since 50 years ago, to add a new revolution of course there must be other ways that can be used.

Perhaps there are still many countries that are not familiar with the Russian way in the oil and gas sector. According to him, we will not get more results if we continue to use the same method. Therefore, Russia shares the correct technique of providing Russian graduates with a proper platform to spread the truth.

Russian Oil and gas Industry

The strong desire to major in Russia is indeed the right choice. You will be guided to become a person who has achievements, but to become a person to get a major ability you must be willing to learn and try to be better. Not without effort, you can become a person with great instincts. Willingness and effort is the best way in the development of science.

As a student, of course your obligation to learn a lot of knowledge that can be useful for you. Ability and skills must still be developed so that later you can get a decent job with what you want. In addition to education on oil and gas science, Russia also has various types to maximize knowledge for your future.

Positive Negative Results Study in Russia

Every decision taken must have positive or negative respect. It’s the same when you try your luck studying in Russia, there are a lot of opportunities to go down and down to study in a country that produces natural resources that are so perfect.

It can be seen from a scientific point of view that Russia itself has a lot of independence, does not learn from neighboring countries, tries to learn new experiences without fear of failure. So it can be concluded that the superpower is actually a country that wants to develop with new discoveries.

In handling a case, of course, Russia is very nimble, looking for a way out of a problem that comes. This positive thing can be taken when students try to undergo education in Russia, it certainly teaches how to think critically and calmly in the face of a problem. Therefore, this country can become one of the most influential countries in science.

Of course, every problem has a negative factor too, of course when you go to a new place, you have to try to make new adaptations to the environment. In addition, long distances with family can make someone miss the warmth of the family’s embrace, usually, you can gather now and will be far from their crowds.

Big Advantages of Russian Events Internationally

Many advantages can be obtained when studying in Russia. This country, which is rich in natural resources, often holds events about Oil and Gas internationally. The event organized by the Future Leader Forum of Petroleum Council 2019 aims to provide input and a question and answer session on world oil and gas issues.

Apart from the event, there were many international conferences which were distributed to various campuses around Russia. Its main goal is to attract investors, both in the financial and technology fields. In addition, the main goal is to attract foreign technology experts to enter Russian universities.

If you have thoughts of studying in Russia, there must be thoughts that block the country’s negative ideals. Surely the thought of communism is in your heart. The news is just a mere fiction that has never been proven until now. Your security will definitely be maintained when entering this area.

Surely when you try to go to college, set one goal, namely to make your family and country proud. Not doing weird things will help you get better in life. So what are you waiting for, let’s just register ourselves to the existing academy?