McDonald's Wins Russian Hearts With Uni Soviet Flag

McDonald’s Wins Russian Hearts With Uni Soviet Flag

In order to win the hearts of Soviet citizens, the addition of the flag of the country known as the country of bamboo curtains on the McDonalds logo. Not long ago, a member of a Russian online forum shared, “My father worked at the McDonalds which was first established in the Soviet Union, this pin was given to my father,” said the young man.

Facts reveal that in the early years Mcdonald’s opened in the Soviet Union, the hammer and sickle symbol on the Soviet flag, which was very modest, did not appear on employee pins only. Restaurant logos added with their national flag logos were also added. Unforgettable memories for the Soviet citizens who entered and colored the history of McDonald’s.

soviet McDonald's logo

McDonald’s With Logo And Red Flag Appears

In order to attract the hearts of customers, the construction of McDonalds in the city of Pushkinskaya ploschad was first operational in 1998. For the first time on January 31, 1990, the fast food restaurant welcomed customers. When viewed from the inside of the restaurant, customers lining up outside are curious about the large company logo complete with the Soviet Heritage flag emblem.

The opening of McDonald’s that went down in history was fantastic. Although the price is quite expensive for a fast food, many people are curious about it. Not talking about the taste, but the logo combined with the flag becomes one of the icons that is quite surprising.

For comparison, the price to be paid to queue for hamburgers and coca cola people have to queue for hours for only one purpose, namely the capitalist pin given as a bonus. The emergence of online advertisements selling various kinds of pins including four pins in the wooden city which is a set of souvenirs for foreign guests. The souvenirs given are very simple, so many collectors are hunting for this one item.

The Soviet Union, which at that time was the 52nd country as an area conquered by McDonald’s. The restaurant that stands on Pushkinskaya ploshchad is one of the largest chains of all places. The building room can accommodate approximately 700 people, while the terrace can accommodate 200 people. Amazingly on the first day, this restaurant can attract customers up to approximately 30,000 heads. Great history inscribed by one of these fast-food restaurants.

Strict Labor Selection

McDonald’s, which dares to pay for its workforce of two rubles per hour, must have made a huge profit. Each employee he works for can collect approximately 300 rubles per month including the bonus given. From the amount paid is very proportional to what they get.

The average worker who is recruited is certainly a worker with the best professional level. Not only that, as exemplary employees with the first batch, they were given basic training to be sent to Canada. After that, large-scale broadcasting will be carried out to support the new success.

The choice of Canada as a place for employee training is because of the share ownership of an entrepreneur from that place. Actually, the restaurant was first opened in the Soviet Union is a company that got a joint venture between the Soviet-Canadian. The magazine, Young Technician given in May 1990 reported that the restaurant has Canada. However, because the logo was stamped with the Soviet flag, a lot of fighting broke out over this issue.

macdonalds at rusian

McDonalds Marketing Techniques Play Very Clever

It is questionable, not until a year after the opening of the first restaurant with a Soviet national theme, it was removed for no apparent reason. In 1993, to be exact, the second restaurant that was built at Gazetny Perulok, the logo used using the International logo did not use any flag.

Adults at a noisy scene willing to stand in line in the cold just to get their hands on a Big Mac are simply inconceivable. The marketing technique used in selling the McDonald’s name went viral. The name of this restaurant is booming that makes the whole city of Moscow go crazy.

This is a method used to make the restaurant’s name rise. With the flag of nationalism makes people want to collect these pins. The pin distribution prize is a form of campaign carried out for the sake of making a lot of profit. Of course, the way to do it is very appropriate to get the coffers of rupiah.

The problems that circulated made the restaurant have to replace the logo that had been made, and stop distributing free pins. It can be said for the price of a big mac that is expensive, but it can make many customers look for it. Therefore, a very appropriate marketing technique is used to make the whole world viral. This is the information we can provide, hopefully it can be useful for the benefit of many people. Happy reading